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Officer Shane Says No U-Turns on Red Lights

Motor officer Shane Spielman has seen it all during his 10 years patrolling the streets of Anaheim. Laws change. But bad drivers remain.

Officer Shane

He wants to make our streets safer. Got a question about the rules of the road?

He’s got an answer.

Nicole asked, “Why do I keep seeing people make a u-turn when the light is red (or left turn arrow is red)? Isn’t this illegal?

Officer Shane says, “Yes, if it is an arrow-controlled left-turn lane… But if it is a passive/ permissive intersection (no designated arrow only solid lights), if the vehicle is in the intersection when the light turns red, then that vehicle has the right of way to clear.”

Sylvia asked, “If someone got a ticket and the officer didn’t write the issuing date and wrote today’s date – a Saturday – as the court date… can the ticket be dismissed?”

Officer Shane says, “Only if the officer does not catch the error and does not fill out a court approved cite correction form.”

Athena asked, ”My son wants to know: Do you have to be buckled up if you are in an RV while it is being driven

Officer Shane says, “No; however, if there are designated passenger seats equipped with seat belts, then they must be worn..Most RV’s don’t like in the dining area…”

You can reach him on Facebook or at sspielman@anaheim.net.

Check out his page here.