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Anaheim PD to buy back guns August 24

In an effort to keep guns out of the wrong hands, Anaheim Police Department is hosting a gun buy-back day August 24.

“You always hear the statistic of people killed by their own weapon.  We’re trying to eliminate that.” says Lieutenant Tim Schmidt; who will be spearheading that day’s events.

Schmidt, a 24 year veteran of APD, heads the Department’s gang unit and has seen his share of those cases.  “A lot of times, people will have had guns in their home for so long, they kind of forget they’re there,” he starts “but burglars tend to know the hiding spots and the longer the guns been there, the easier they can be accessed by the wrong person.”

Those interested in selling their weapon will not be traced in any manner.  The program is strictly voluntary – sellers will show up, hand in the weapon, and collect their reward.

Handguns turned in will receive a $100 gift card to several local stores – rifles turned in will earn a $200 gift card.  Ammo will be taken, but will not earn any such reward.

After the transaction, those guns handed in will be promptly destroyed.

The event will take place at La Palma Park (North Side) from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM.

APD and Partners Provide Free Car Seats to 32 Families

A properly installed child seat reduces an infant’s risk of dying in a car wreck by 71 percent.

CHP safety coordinator Tina Buell buckles Noah Sandoval, 4

For older youngsters, it’s 54 percent.

For four hours Friday, Anaheim Police Department and California Highway Patrol officials installed more than 50 car seats for 32 families at the Anaheim Family Justice Center.

“It makes me feel more secure knowing my children are as safe as possible,” said Shawna Sandoval, of Fullerton. “It’s so nice of everybody involved to give us these car seats, and to make sure it’s
fastened properly.”

Kerith Dilley, Executive Director of the AFJC Foundation, said the seats were a gift from the National Latino Peace Officers Association of Orange County.  

The event was hosted by State Sen. Lou Correa. His office also offered fingerprinting for children – to provide a record, just in case.

“Most of the families who received them today have limited financial resources, which makes the gift even more significant,” Dilley said. “We are blessed in Anaheim to have so many community partners committed to keeping the community safe.”

No Traffic School For Those Who Fight Tickets – and Lose

Motor officer Shane Spielman has seen it all during his 10 years patrolling the streets of Anaheim. Laws change. But bad drivers remain.

Officer Shane

He wants to make our streets safer. Got a question about the rules of the road?

He’s got an answer.

Daniela asked, “I got a ticket, which I would like to fight. If I were to lose, would I still be eligible for traffic school?”

Officer Shane says, “When you pay the fine, you have to plead guilty or not guilty…If you plead not guilty, you have the choice of a court trial or trial by written declaration (trial by paper)…If you plead not guilty, you have the option of traffic school, if you have not received a citation within eighteen months…If you plead not-guilty and have a trial (either in person or by paper) and you are found guilty, you do not have the option of traffic school!!!”

Sue asked, “If there are two right turn lanes coming off the freeway and I am in the right turn lane closest to the middle, it is okay to turn right on a red light?”

Officer Shane says, “Yes, as long as it’s a designated right turn lane and there is no sign prohibiting right turn on red.”

You can reach him on Facebook or at sspielman@anaheim.net.

Check out his page here.

Are Golf Carts on Sidewalks Legal?

Anaheim motor officer Shane Spielman isn’t the only APD expert on the
rules of the road.

An Orange County Register reader asked this week whether he could
drive his slow-moving electric golf cart on the sidewalk from his mobile
home park to church.

The reporter turned to traffic supervisor Sgt. Mike Foster for the

“The short answer is that he may not drive the cart on a public
sidewalk to and from church,” Foster told the newspaper.

To read Foster’s entire response – and the rest of the paper’s traffic
safety column – click here.

Officer Shane Says Don’t Tint Front Windows of Vehicles

Motor officer Shane Spielman has seen it all during his 10 years patrolling the streets of Anaheim. Laws change. But bad drivers remain.

Officer Shane

He wants to make our streets safer. Got a question?

He’s got an answer.

Julio asked, “Officer Shane, are all levels of window tinting against the law or just some; how dark is too dark (referring to driver side and passenger windows)?”

Officer Shane says, “The California Vehicle Code says you can’t have any tint on the front side windows or the front windshield…

Jeane asked, “Is it legal to make a left turn crossing over two solid yellow lines?”

Officer Shane says, “As long it is not a business district, it is legal to make a left turn over one set of double yellow lines. It is illegal to make a left over two sets of double yellow lines separated by two or more feet. This would constitute a painted center divider.”

You can reach Officer Shane on Facebook or at sspielman@anaheim.net.

* Behind the Badge publishes highlight’s from Officer Shane Says’ Facebook page on Fridays.