US Attorney’s office commends detectives for help prosecuting pimps

Federal prosecutors recently thanked Anaheim Vice Detail Investigators for their work in helping win convictions against two pimps who had enslaved four underage girls and one woman.

In a private meeting earlier this month, the detectives – along with the FBI agents they collaborated with – were recognized at a National Crime Victim’s Week event.

To view a recent KNBC report about the Vice Detail, click on the photo

To view a recent KNBC report about the Vice Detail, click on the photo

The cases were part of a national effort to rescue women from their pimps.

This isn’t the first time APD’s innovative approach to human-trafficking earned federal law enforcement recognition.

Last year, the FBI published a crime bulletin highlighting APD’s approach, which treats prostitutes as victims and focuses investigative efforts on finding and arresting pimps.

The police department said it has rescued 380 women and arrested several dozen pimps since then.

“The quality of work that they do is outstanding,” said an FBI agent who investigated the most recent case alongside APD detectives. “These cases could not have been brought without them.”

Behind the Badge is not publishing names of the detectives or the FBI agent because of the nature of their undercover work.

One of the pimps, Curtis Canady, was recently sentenced to 97 months in federal prison. His co-defendant, Rayshaad Tait, is scheduled to be sentenced today.

Among the crimes, according to the FBI: using the Internet to sell sex services to men from Las Vegas, Los Angeles and Anaheim.

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