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Officers help rescue Bandit, a ‘neglected’ German Shepherd

Bandit arrives at the vet

Bandit arrives at the vet

The photos angered Shawn Hollub, a volunteer with German Shepherd Rescue of Orange County.

“The dog was living in a filthy yard full of trash, feces and urine,” she said.

Old and suffering from neglect, “Bandit” needed immediate medical care and a new home, and Hollub was determined to give him both.

But the 52-year-old Huntington Harbor resident was leery about approaching the Anaheim home by herself. So she called the Anaheim Police Department.

“I had no idea what I was walking into,” she said.

Officers Ken Johnson and Steve Depaola met her near the man’s home, and she watched from her Range Rover as the officers approached the front door.Bandit's leg

“It was clear the elderly man cared for the dog, but was old himself and not able to take care of the dog,” she said. “I watched in awe at how they treated this man. They were not accusatory, in fact just the opposite, they were very kind and gentle with the man. They explained to him that I was with a rescue and wanted to help his dog and get him the medical treatment he needed and find him a good home.”

The man agreed to surrender Bandit, his companion of 11 years.

“I rushed him to the vet where he is currently being treated,” she said.

The dog was malnourished and had giant open wounds on his legs.

Over the past few weeks, Bandit’s health has improved, but he’s still under the care of a veterinarian, says Hollub, who owns a EBS Products, an automotive service and equipment company based in Westminster.

His prognosis is good, she said.

Last week, she sent an email to the mayor and Chief of Police Raul Quezada, commending the officers. photo

“These officers went above and beyond to help an innocent animal who was unable to help himself,” she wrote. “(They) treated a elderly man with kindness and compassion and made sure this rescuer was never in harm’s way. They were professional, compassionate and at times quite funny. They took what could have been a tense situation and turned into a positive win-win.

“Officers Johnson and Depaola set the bar for police work. It’s not always about arresting bad guys. Police work is also about helping the community, and they are shining examples of that fact. Thanks to their efforts an old neglected dog is no longer calling a filthy yard home, an elderly Anaheim resident has a new appreciation for the motto “To Protect and Serve”…. and a volunteer with German Shepherd Rescue of Orange County met two heroes.”