Chemistry, experience key to sergeants’ success

(From left to right) Sgts. Brian Browne, Chris Masilon, and Jeff Mundy pose after a ceremony celebrating their promotion

(From left to right) Sgts. Brian Browne, Chris Masilon, and Jeff Mundy pose after a ceremony celebrating their promotion

Athletes always point to teamwork and experience as pillars for their success.  Anaheim’s three newest sergeants say they are no different.  They’ve spent the vast majority of their nearly 30 combined years at APD together, and have developed a unique chemistry.

“It’s a huge benefit knowing each other’s strengths in the field and how we can lean on each other for support without having to ask for it.  We just kind of know who needs what, whenever and wherever they need it,” said Sgt. Brian Browne.  “And it’s a comfort knowing if I need that help, it’s coming without question.”

Browne is a six year veteran of the Army and Army Reserves having spent time deployed in Kosovo.

Sgt. Chris Masilon always saw himself following in the footsteps of his father, Jerry, a retired San Diego cop.

Sgt. Jeff Mundy comes from a journalism background but became a cop after the interaction and stories from the crime beat became too alluring to stay away.

Those backgrounds lend to different points of view in policing and enhance their decision-making, they say.

“It’s definitely a plus for the department.  I’ve had an officer come point out the camaraderie on our team.  I just hope the way Browne, Masilon and I interact encourages and supports that,” said Mundy.

Masilon and Mundy have worked together seven years, spending time in patrol, gangs, and homicide, where they worked the last five years.  Browne joined the homicide unit three years ago and the three have worked together since.

They’ve noticed significant change at APD in their combined 30 years at the department.  The biggest evolution: technology.

“We have literally every bit of information we could possibly need at our fingertips,” said Masilon.

“Reports, rap sheets, notes from other officers, it’s all there should we need it.  It really helps us because our shifts (Thursday, Friday, and Saturday grave yard) make us kind of isolated.  This allows us some interaction with other officers to better equip us for the field,” he said.

Another thing they all agree on: how excited they are to hold this new position.  Mundy said the team they work with inspires him “just with how pumped they are about law enforcement” and calls his time thus far “refreshing.”

That they’ve remained together is completely coincidental but they all maintain similar attitudes about what may come next.  Masilon pointed to advice he received from his dad early in his career.

“He told me never to plan out my career; just to go with the flow and take opportunities as they come along and make the best out of every situation,” he said.  “I’ve followed that advice and have been lucky enough to have such great opportunities come my way, with the added benefit of doing so with these guys.”



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