Citywide Effort to Curb Graffiti Continues

More than 100 community members joined police and city officials at a meeting today designed to brainstorm new ways to stop graffiti.

The most encouraging part of the meeting, Welter said, was the number of hands in the air when he asked for volunteers to carry out some of the ideas, which included:

– Paint over sidewalk graffiti until city officials can sandblast.

– Provide fact sheets on how to report and stop graffiti to apartment complex managers.

– Work with local businesses to encourage their participation in the effort.

To learn more about the city’s anti-graffiti effort, click here.

The city’s Neighborhood Services department, the police department and several other city and nonprofit groups have partnered since 2008 in the Anaheim Community Anti-Graffiti Effort.

To get involved, call the police department at (714) 765-1997.

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