Anaheim Leads Statewide Toyota Theft Bust

By Kevin Rice 

The Anaheim Burglary and Auto Theft task forces collaborated with police all throughout the state to apprehend the suspects involved with state-wide Toyota Tacoma thefts.

“There were many guilty parties involved in this case, ranging from dealerships to DMV employees,” said Lt. Steve Davis.

The offenders would break into the vehicles using keys issued by crooked dealership employees, police said. 
Once the offender had possession of the vehicle, he would relicense the car and create new serial numbers to evade police interference. At least eight Toyota vehicles were stolen in Anaheim. 

The Anaheim Burglary and Auto Theft task force placed the four suspects in custody after they tried to sell the stolen vehicles in San Jose, CA. 

“We identified the main players, thanks to tremendous Intelligence work, and conducted the surveillance necessary to make a confident arrest,” said Davis.

The suspects were believed to be shipping the car to Honduras from their contacts in San Jose. Since these arrests have been made, there have not been any Toyota thefts of this caliber in the state, according to Davis.

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