Officer Shane Explains Why DUI Suspects Must Follow the Finger


Officer Shane

Officer Shane Spielman, author of the popular “Ask Officer Shane” Facebook page, recently explained to his followers why DUI suspects must follow an officer’s finger.

“We’re looking for horizontal and vertical gaze nystagmus,” he explained. “Nystagmus is the involuntary bounce or jerkiness of the eyes which is caused by alcohol and drug consumption.”

Click on the video above for a detailed look.

Officer Shane also answered a few reader questions.

Tom asked: When does the speed limit change, when you can see the new speed limit sign – or when you actually reach it?

Officer Shane says, “At the area of the sign… ”

Mark asked: I’ve noticed several APD cars & motors with no plate’s on them. Just wondering what’s up?

Officer Shane says, “We got some new bikes and cars…Takes a bit to get the plates.”

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