Officer Shane Says: Don’t Use Headphones While Driving

Motor officer Shane Spielman has seen it all during his 10 years patrolling the streets of Anaheim. Laws change. But bad drivers remain.

Officer Shane

He wants to make our streets safer. Got a question? He’s got an answer.

Danny asked, “Is it illegal to use headphones with an iPod while driving?”

Officer Shane says, “Yes, it actually is illegal to have earphones/ earbuds in your ears while driving…”

Steve asked, “Do officers usually show up at traffic court? If they don’t does the case really get dismissed?”

Officer Shane says, “I can only speak for my department…We have to go to traffic court when we are issued a subpoena…If the officer is not present, the case is dismissed.”

Desiree asked, “If you have a class B license and get a speeding ticket are you eligible for traffic school?”

Officer Shane says, “Only if it’s a non-commercial class B.

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