What Would You Do if You Found $5000 in Cash?

A Good Samaritan who found $5,000 cash at a Food 4 Less grocery store
on Beach Boulevard tracked down the owner and returned the
money without fanfare, police said.

The man apparently found a deposit slip with the cash, which was left
behind in a shopping cart the evening of June 17.

He drove to the home of address listed on the deposit slip and later
returned the cash to the rightful owner, a used car salesman from
Buena Park. The man didn’t ask for a reward. Or publicity. He didn’t
even leave behind his name.

“We at the police department want to say ‘thank you’ to the man
who returned the cash – and to let the public know that there are
citizens and neighbors among us who quietly do the right thing,” said
Sgt. Rick Martinez.

To read an Orange County Register story about it, click here.

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