Violation of Hands-Free to Use Your Shoulders?

Motor officer Shane Spielman has seen it all during his 10 years patrolling the streets of Anaheim. Laws change. But bad drivers remain.

Officer Shane

He wants to make our streets safer. Got a question about the rules of the road?

He’s got an answer.

Amy asked, “Hey, am I in violation of the hand’s free law if I use my shoulder to hold my phone to my ear?”

Officer Shane says, “Hands free and shoulder free are the same!!!”

Sandy asked: “My neighbor has decided they don’t want anyone to park in front of their house, so they painted the curb red. Is that legal?”

Officer Shane says, “No, the city or county owns the curb.”

Bob asked: “Is it legal to drive barefoot?”

Officer Shane says, “It’s OK to drive barefoot…No laws making it illegal…I wouldn’t suggest doing it while riding a motorcycle though!!!”

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