Reiss Helped Transform Anaheim Into Safer City

When Capt. Joe Reiss was a rookie police officer in 1976, Anaheim’s downtown was known for its adult movie theater and problems with heroin addicts.

The 1980s brought new challenges. Street gangs engaged in deadly turf battles. The violence escalated in the early 1990s when 39 people were murdered in a single year.

Flash forward to today.

Heroin and gangs still exist, but they no longer dominate headlines. Anaheim is America’s safest city to visit, and has hosted a World Series, a Stanley Cup Final and dozens of major international events.

And the crime rate?

“There was more crime then than there is now,” said Reiss, who retired last month.

To read the rest of the interview with Capt. Reiss, published in last week’s Anaheim Bulletin, click here.

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