Police Arrest Two Suspected Dental Bandits

Two people were arrested Sunday on suspicion of stealing precious metals that dentists use to fill cavities, police said.

Police recovered stolen items in addition to the metals used by dentists to fill cavities

The burglars are suspected of hitting 18 dental labs in Orange County.
“This OC crime series caught our attention early on and we have been working diligently to identify the suspects and also undertaking crime prevention efforts with the business community,” said Deputy Police Chief Craig Hunter. “Our officers were aware of the crime patterns and made an outstanding arrest.”

Officer Randy Sany’s proactive police work – he found them as they were just about to commit another burglary – played a key role in the arrests, police said.
Matthew Marchman, 38, and Shawna Lerer, 29, were taken into custody just before 1 a.m. in the 700 block of North Valley Street. 
To read the Orange County Register’s coverage of the arrests, click here

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