Citizen’s Tip Led to Arrest of 7-Eleven Bandits

A citizen who recognized a security camera image broadcast on local television stations was credited for playing a key role in the arrests of three suspected convenience store robbers.CAMERA6

The robbers hit as many as 17 stores, including 7-Elevens in Anaheim, San Clemente, Lynwood and elsewhere.

The robbery spree is believed to have started June 20, and ended last week with the arrests.

Police chief John Welter said good police work, media attention and the citizen’s tip led to the arrests.

“This case is an outstanding illustration of how the public can help police solve crime,” he said.

Wearing dark hooded sweatshirts, the suspects were captured on surveillance video in an Anaheim store.

The police department shared the video with media, which led to the tip from a viewer.

Arrested were two 17-year-olds – one from Chula Vista, the other from Anaheim, and Raymond Moreno, 18, of Anaheim.

Read the entire press release here.

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